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Titan Power Plus

Titan Massage Gun

Titan Massage Gun

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Elevate your recovery with The Titan Massage Gun—combining unparalleled power, extended battery life, and whisper-quiet operation, all in an ultra-lightweight design, for fast relief and a complete massage experience.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy serene recovery sessions with just 35dB of sound.
  • Unmatched Power: Boasts 23kg of force, making it 25% more potent than competitors.
  • Extended Use: Up to 50 massages per charge, ensuring lasting relief.
  • Featherlight Design: Ultra-lightweight at just 0.9lbs for traveling and easy use.
  • Comprehensive Recovery Kit: Includes 5 specialized head attachments for targeted therapy.

The power of a physiotherapist in your palm...

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