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Meet the next generation of mobile charging technology

Like nothing ever before.

Powerful Technology

The most powerful technology, yet. Learn how our tech setup is miles ahead of the rest. 

Completely Compatible

Compatible with all devices Don't worry about your accessory not suporting our products.

Ultra Fast Charge

Why wait around? All our products will charge your devices in no time.

Rapid Data Transfer

Transfer your data fast with speeds up to 480mbps.

Change the way you charge.

In this fast moving world of technology, mobile devices allow us to stay engaged and connected on-the-go. We strive to offer the most innovative and popular mobile charging solutions on the market.

Signature Smart Intelligence

We got sick and tired of every phone cable wearing out and constantly breaking! Often holding us back by disabling our most essential tool. So we designed a cable that will outlive all the rest! 

Compelling Technology

We aimed for the stars when we designed this beauty. The dream was to deliver a cable for all device that's stronger than any other cable on the market. But not only will our cable last a lifetime, it will charge your device remarkably quick.