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Titan Power Plus

Titan Bluetooth Car Charger

Titan Bluetooth Car Charger

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Why Choose the Titan Bluetooth Car Charger?
The ultimate mobile charging solution..

  • 2 ports so you'll never have to fight over charging spots with passengers ever again
  • Play audio in your car through your phone via bluetooth
  • Answer calls handsfree through your car's speakers
  • Charge more than 2x faster than normal car chargers
  • Reach your destination charged up when driving
  • Suitable for both 12V and 24V ports
  • No matter what you want to charge, this is compatible with every standard device


Your Frequently Asked Questions

What devices is this compatible with?

Our car charger will work with all conventional mobile devices, including new releases. For the full list see below.

How does Warranty work?

If anything unexpected happens within the first 60 days, we'll send you a brand new one, free of charge!

Is this car charger safe to use with my device?

This car charger delivers fast charging at an level that will not exceed the power rating of your device, therefore charging safe

For a more detailed FAQ, please see the bottom of the product page.


Shipping & Tracking
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  • US Delivery: 5-10 working days
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  • International Delivery: 11-34 working days


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