Hi from the Titan Team!


Working with brands doesn't have to be so hard - that's why we've prepared a small list with examples to help you out, but if you feel you need more info, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know!


Titan Power+ aims to improve the quality of life by creating innovative wired and wireless charging solutions. With that goal in mind, we encourage content creators to spread the word and make everyone's life easier, one step at a time.




If you have creator's block, maybe these ideas can help you:


💡 Showcase your style with TikTok trends and effects. Maybe you've been amazed by a popular trend recently? Is there a way to add Titan Power+ into it?

💡 Just got your package? Everyone loves a good unboxing!

💡 We all had charging issues, broken cables, long charging times, fights in the car - who gets to charge their device first? We resolved those issues, and you can use them to help someone close to you. Imagine the reaction when they find out they can ALL charge at once!

💡 If you got your charger a long time ago, you can always record an update! Some of the regular charges had shown that they break in four to twelve weeks. Titan will last you a lifetime!

💡 Have fun and be yourself!


Upload your video content here {link}.

If you don't feel like it, you don't have to post it to your profile. 

Let us know if we should tag you on video!

Try filming within 48h of getting the package - unboxing videos are one of our favorites.



The Titan Power+ has full ownership of all the copyrights to the services provided for the creator upon uploading content. Creator grants to Titan Power+ a perpetual license to use creator's name and likeness in all media including and without limitation Titan Power+ website, the brand website and on social media sites and in all formats of print and digital media advertising.