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Titan Surge Bundle™

You save: 60% ( $107.82 )

Included Cables

The be-all and end-all of all Charging Bundles.


This ULTIMATE SURGE BUNDLE contains all our top-notch Charging Accessories at their absolute best prices, saving you 65% across the board!


Perfect for helping your devices plow through even the busiest of days, this bundle has enough to cover you in up to two places where you spend the most of the day – your home and your office, for example!


This is the perfect gift for any person who uses their devices frequently!.




The Surge Bundle includes:


1 x 3.0m Titan Smart Cable (perfect for charging across the room)

1 x 1.8m  Titan Smart Cable (for charging at bedside)

1 x 1.2m Titan Smart Cable (standard length ultra-durable cable)

2 x 0.5m Short Smart Cable (best for use with power banks)

1 x 3-port Universal Fast Charge Plug (charge multiple devices at top speed)

1 x 3-port 5.4A Fast Car Charger (for charging multiple devices in your car quickly)

1 x Dual Mount Wireless Car Phone Holder & Charger (use your phone for navigation with no battery drain)

1x Titan Wireless Charge Upright Desk Dock (ideal for viewing your phone while charging working or for charging at the bedside)




Please select the compatible cable for your device – USB Type-C for Androids or Lightning for most Apple devices.