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The Titan 30W PD Fast Charge Plug™

You save: 35% ($9.96)

Hate not having enough ports for all your devices?! Fast charge all your devices at once with our all-new titan smart plug!

Combined with the TITAN POWER+ Smart cable, charge multiple devices faster than you thought possible!


The Titan Multi-Outlet Fast Charge Plug


With multiple attachments; take this plug with all over the world. With its selective transformer, this plug will adapt the voltage to be used safely in different countries. We have not yet got an adapter for Australia but this addition is to be expected in the future.




The Titan Multi-Outlet Fast Charge Plug


 Specially designed for fast charge cables, this plug can accommodate a current of 3.4A allowing for charging up to 45% faster than regular plugs! 



The Titan Multi-Outlet Fast Charge Plug


Sick of needing several plugs for all your devices. Charge up to 2 devices, including ultra-fast PD charging!  


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